Alan Hansen ZOUNDS
Rugger Bugger Discs
Double LP
Released: 1995
  1000 copies
full-colour gatefold sleeve
The Curse & the Singles of Zounds Out of print

  • War
  • Subvert
  • Can't Cheat Karma
  • Demystification
  • Great White Hunter
  • Fear
  • Did He Jump?
  • Little Bit More
  • This Land
  • New Band
  • Dirty Squatters

  • Loads Of Noise
  • Target/Mr. Disney/War
  • Dancing
  • True Love
  • More Trouble
  • Knife
  • Biafra
  • Not Me
  • Fear
  • Wolves
  • More useless drivel about this release (mostly)

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    Compilation of all Zounds output prior to the remix of This Land [see DUMP051]

    Originally licensed for vinyl release by Lazy Dog in Greece. Re-pressed by RB 2001.

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    Updated: Dec 27, 2000
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