Updated: November 3, 2002

June 2002


Well bollocks to them all/keep smashing at the wall/
pile the pressure on and the government will fall.

Wise words mate. No reason to start with a Conflict song really except it was the first thing to come to my head which is pretty amazing in these days of extreme world cup and big brother action. Rugger Bugger was a small DIY punk label and nothing more. We existed in the world before computers, emails, punk being big business and greed and sadly now it's time to stop. I've had enough - records, bands, bands, records, fuck it. I've been doing it since I was 17 and playing in bands since I was 12. I've done my time and now it's time for the kids to take over.

Most of the time it's been a pleasure and without the help of loads of people (Ben, my brother, Damaged, Active, the bands, Smithy, Tuck etc) it would have been impossible but there are people who have fucked me off the last 15+ years and I thought why not do my one and only advert in a magazine and mention them.

Fuck you very much:

1. Joolz from Guns 'n' Wankers / Dog Piss. He borrowed 1000 from me after I sold the Dog Piss album to Honest Don's for 5000 (bear in mind I'd already spent 2000 on recordings/mastering etc) and refuses to pay me back because he never made any money from the album. I lent the money as a friend and you abused that friendship. Fuck off.

2. DS4 - a dodgy Bristol distribution company who carried on taking records from me and had no intention of paying me the money. They still owe me over 500. Fuck them.

3. Phil Atkins in Norwich who was the only person who sent for and never paid for the live Snuff album in 1990. You still owe me a fiver. Fuck off.

4. Parcelforce / the Post Office. A postman was caught stealing money from my letters in the late '90's. He was prosecuted and I never got one pence compensation. Also ParcelForce who lose boxes like it was their job to. Fuck them and their law.

5. Broccoli for splitting up. I loved and believed in that band and spent a lot of time, energy and money on them and all they did was take records to sell on tour and never pay for them. That was the reason I did a singles CD to get back cash owed. It has to be said it was mainly one member - Grant, who went on to be a born-again christian, a liar and a fucking massive disappointment to me on a personal level. Fuck you and fuck the church.

6. The MCPS and EMI Publishing for trying to sue me over the Wat Tyler version of 'I Just Called To Say I Love You'. Get a sense of humour and get a life - I owed you about 20 for the publishing. The MCPS are leeches. Fuck 'em.

7. I can't even remember their name and I can't be bothered to look at it on a record, but this Greek label licenced the Mob and Zounds albums to do on vinyl and they just ended up being a nightmare to deal with. Fuck off and stay out of punk. [Lazy Dog is the label]

8. Simon and his fucking DIY punk shop in Glasgow. DIY - does it mean never paying people or sending the records back? I know you've had things tough but get your shit together. Never trust a hippie claimed the Sex Pistols but I say never trust a punk and especially one of the EMO variety. Fuckety off.

9. Capdown for saying they were gonna sign to Rugger Bugger worldwide when they were just a bunch of straight edge kids in Milton Keynes. Instead they went with Household Name and the rest they say is history. Fuck off.
(Sorry this one is a lie because I ran out of people to moan about).

10. Me for doing this. Fuck myself.

I still have some releases left and I sell everything cheapo. So get in touch. All the records are up for licence as long as it can be sorted out with the bands. Of course I'll still be around being rude, slagging people off, calling all new music shit, being stupid and more. I love punk - it's my life and punk has been good to me.

p.s. I love my cat and while I think about it Conflict still owe Thatcher On Acid 50 for the support fee for the Brixton Academy gig in 1987.


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