Back To Sing For Free Again Soon
1979 Fuck Off Reckords FO 001



Back To Sing For Free Again Soon
Fuck Off
FO 001

Side 1 Slightly Sanesville

Dick Heley - Void Burstin'
Dick Heley - Photograph Of Feeling
The Astronauts - Secret File
The Astronauts - All Night Party
The Astronauts - Big Ben
The Astronauts - Back To Sing For Free
                                              Again Soon
Dick Heley & Blankspace - Fantasy
The Anal Surgeons - Wheres That Fag
The Dog Ends - Aint No Free Unless Its Free
The Fuck-Off All-Stars - Jingle Bells
Alternative TV - Terrified Of Dogs

Side 2 Completely Crazytown

Wilful Damage - You Hang At Midnight
Wilful Damage - No-one Cares
Wilful Damage - Fictitious
Wilful Damage - Farewell To Innocence
Danny & The Dressmakers - Ernie Bishop's
                                                Dead Body
Danny & The Dressmakers - How Hot Is A Match
Danny & The Dressmakers - John E. Begood
Danny & The Dressmakers - What The World
                                                Needs Now
Danny & The Dressmakers - Whole Lotta Pinball
Danny & The Dressmakers - Don't Make Another
                           Bass Guitar Mr Rickenbacker
Danny & The Dressmakers - Manchester United
The Sell-Outs - Rock & Roll Concert
Seventh Angel - From A Sly Fox To
                                A Pack Of Wolves
Amazing Zeepee Silent Orchestra -
                                No Kung Future
Planet Gong - Opium For The People
Blankspace - Take It Or Leave It
Blankspace - War

The Amazing Zeepee Silent Orchestra are so silent, one cannot hear them.