Formed in Hemel Hempstead in 1977, more by circumstance than design, The Anal Surgeons played mainly local gigs in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Following a few off the cuff gigs, they spent the last couple of months of 1977 and January 1978 rehearsing and honing a 'proper' set based around the songwriting of Mick Sinclair and theatrical bent of Phil Seaton. This was debuted at The King's Arms in Aylesbury during February 1978.

They were introduced to the Here And Now free tour experience via Adrian Thatcher, a mutual friend of Grant Showbiz (Adrian would appear later playing saxophone as a Crumb).

They played gigs with both Planet Gong and Here And Now during 1978 and also had one track, Wheres That Fag, released on the first Fuck Off Records tape. An unreleased recording of the Dacorum College gig exists that will probably never see the light of day.

On November 21st 1978, again supporting Here And Now, The Anal Surgeons played their final gig. By this time some of the band had 'drifted off', leaving a three-piece of Mick Sinclair and John Goddard with Robert Radmall on drums for this finale.

Also known as: Will B & The Has-Beens; The Untouchables.

Mick Sinclair - Guitar
Phil Seaton - Vocals
John Cook - Vocals
Paul Ingram - Drums
John Goddard - Bass
Tony Ingram - Saxophone

Members of The Anal Surgeons would go on to form the Funboy Five and Vince Pie And The Crumbs.
A full history provided by Mick Sinclair can be found here.

1978 LP Flaccid Records FLAC 1 Compilation Aylesbury Goes Flaccid
1979 Cass Fuck Off FO 001 Compilation Back To Sing For Free Again Soon
1981? Cass Compilation Lizards In My Lounge
2015 CD Sandrew Metronome Compilation Let's Have A Queer Ol' Time

Details here

Aylesbury Goes Flaccid
Flaccid Records

Side 1

Vice Creems - No Passion
The Speedos - She's A Shocker
Man Ezeke - Brixton Reggae Rock
Peter Out & The Faders - Need You (Oh Yeah)
The Robins - Stuck On Your Own
The Haircuts - Do Remember L-L-Longwick
Wild Willy Barrett - Nigel Pringle

Side 2

Clumsy - Help Yourself
The Anal Surgeons - Wide Boy
Smiffy - Ain't It Good To Be Alive
Abbott - Gooseberry Puss
Ken Liversausage - Roll Me Up
Robert And The Remoulds - L.A.G.O.C.O.
Redwood - Just Another Weak End

Re-released on CD by Castle Music in 2007.

Full tape detail here

Back To Sing For Free Again Soon
Fuck Off
FO 001

Side 1 Slightly Sanesville

Dick Heley - Void Burstin'
Dick Heley - Photograph Of Feeling
The Astronauts - Secret File
The Astronauts - All Night Party
The Astronauts - Big Ben
The Astronauts - Back To Sing For Free
                                              Again Soon
Dick Heley & Blankspace - Fantasy
The Anal Surgeons - Wheres That Fag
The Dog Ends - Aint No Free Unless Its Free
The Fuck-Off All-Stars - Jingle Bells
Alternative TV - Terrified Of Dogs
Side 2 Completely Crazytown

Wilful Damage - You Hang At Midnight
Wilful Damage - No-one Cares
Wilful Damage - Fictitious
Wilful Damage - Farewell To Innocence
Danny & The Dressmakers - Ernie Bishop's
                                                Dead Body
Danny & The Dressmakers - How Hot Is A Match
Danny & The Dressmakers - John E. Begood
Danny & The Dressmakers - What The World
                                                Needs Now
Danny & The Dressmakers - Whole Lotta Pinball
Danny & The Dressmakers - Don't Make Another
                           Bass Guitar Mr. Rickenbaker
Danny & The Dressmakers - Manchester United
The Sell-Outs - Rock & Roll Concert
Seventh Angel - From A Sly Fox To
                                A Pack Of Wolves
Amazing Zeepee Silent Orchestra -
                                No Kung Future
Planet Gong - Opium For The People
Blankspace - Take It Or Leave It
Blankspace - War

Lizards In My Lounge

The Anal Surgeons
The Voletones
Vince Pie & The Crumbs
Milkshake Melon
Sam Skanga Big Band

Comp available from Phil Seaton. Tracks unknown as yet.

Let's Have A Queer Ol' Time
Sandrew Metronome

Rosetta Rossano - Queer Things
Byrd E. Bath & The Gay Blades -
                   A Bar Is A Bar Is A Bar
John & Kay Holmes - The Ballad Of The Camping Woodcutter
Jack Scott- Grizzly Bear
Sandy Beech - Leather Jacket Lovers
The Anal Surgeons - Wide Boy
Byrd E. Bath - Mixed Nuts
Sydney Lipton - The Sun Has Got His Hat On
Rodney Dangerfield - Stanley The Manly Transvestite
John & Kay Holmes - Scotch Mist
The Savoy Havana Band -
Masculine Women And Feminine Men
Lee Morse - Tain't No Sin To Take Off Your Skin
The Boy & The Gentlemen - Rough Trade
Max Minty & The Gay Blades - A Naughty Cat-tale
Rosemary Clooney - Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz A Bear
Dion - Lonely Teenager
Stanley Holloway - My Word! You Do Look Queer!
Judy Collins - O Daddy Be Gay

Quite a surprise to find this oddity on Amazon.

Known gigs

1977 Sep-xx The Great Harry Hemel Hempstead [as Will B & The Has-Beens]
1977 Oct-01 The Hunt Hotel Leighton Buzzard
1977 Oct-18 The Great Harry Hemel Hempstead
1977 Oct-28 The Arts Centre Hemel Hempstead Tanya Hyde & The Tormentors
1978 Feb-xx The Kings Arms Aylesbury
1978 xxx-xx The Arts Centre Hemel Hempstead
1978 xxx-xx Bossard Hall Leighton Buzzard
1978 Mar-21 Sussex University Brighton 'Planet Gong'; Keith Christmas; Visitor 2035;
Basil (ex-Zorch); Phil Hodges' Six; Biggles

1978 Mar-24 University Of Kent Canterbury 'Planet Gong'
1978 Apr-08 Dacorum College Hemel Hempstead 'Planet Gong'; Desperate Straits; Rampton & Sinclair
1978 May-25 Friar's Aylesbury Otway & Barrett; The Smirks as The Untouchables
Full details
1978 May-27 The Tabernacle London Here And Now
1978 May-29 The Nag's Head High Wycombe Here And Now
1978 Jun-06 Zero Six Southend Here And Now; Alternative TV; Blank Space
1978 Jun-17 Woodbridge Adventure Playground London Here And Now; Alternative TV; Blank Space
1978 Nov-21 Brighton Polytechnic Brighton Here And Now

The Anal Surgeons Official Site

Wheres That Fag on youtube

Wide Boy on youtube

Mark Jordan's photos from the Friars gig 25th May 1978

Thanks go to Mick Sinclair

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